I am very excited to say, that I am back at Wilkerson setting up our classroom for your arrival on August 28th :)  I can't wait to meet all of you and start the new school year.

This will be a great year, please visit our website and feel free to add a comment to this blog, and I will be happy to write you back.

Mrs. Markell
Visit this website:

under option, click on shape.  Choose the apple!

Then go to load:
type your teacher's name and 5-10 adjectives in the box enter text

after click on submit

Then save/share/print- click on print
Today we will be researching our important people from California's history.

First go to the following website:


At the top of the page in the SEARCH BOX, correctly type in your person's name.

The search will pull of several options, please click on your person name's and then read the article.

You may also choose to click on "HEAR TEXT READ ALOUD"

After listening or reading the information, you make choose to click on "PRINT FULL ARTICLE"

Some of us will find a lot of information, and some of us will not get enough. 

If you need to find more information for your report, please use the website google,and see what you can find.  Before you are aloud to print Mrs. Markell will need to check your website and give you permission to print!
Go to this website: http://worldbookonline.com/wb/products?ed=all&gr=Welcome+El+Monte+City+School+District

Then click on Worldbook Student

In the search box
Write 2-3 sentences about your FAVORITE part of our field trip to Knott's Berry Farm.

My favorite part was seeing my ELD students excited to tell our guide what we have been learning in Social Studies and reciting their chants!  I also loved that our trip helped us connect what we learned from our story By The Great Horn Spoon :)  You all made me very proud to be your teacher!!!!
Today please visit the website: http://www.honorpoint.com/

Please review all multiplication facts 1-12 using the tabs DRILLS and TEST.  This is a great website to help those still needing to pass our 4 minute test.  It is also a great review for those of us who are a little rusty :)

I want you to write me 2-3 sentences about whatever you want, my only rule is that one of the sentences must be a COMPOUND SENTENCE.    

*You have been learning about compound sentences in your Reading class.  So remember to include either:
 two or more subjects
two or more predicates.

*Another hint use joining words (and, or, but, or by).

This will counts towards your writing standard WC 1.1 on your report card
Today in the computer lab, you need to type me a one paragraph person, place, and object quickwrite  :)  It will count towards your grade, so make sure you put your name on your post.

Remember that we have been working on making our writing more creative by: asking questions, giving more details, adding actions, and improving our writing so that is flows like music.

Person: Annabella
Place: The ice cream shop
Object: raffle ticket
Today, you and your teams of four will be assigned a RED RIBBON Topic to read and discuss in the lab. You will then need to post 3 complete sentences about the topic here on the blog comments to share with the rest of the class.

You will use this website to find your information: http://www.sites4teachers.com/links/redirect.php?url=http://www.imdrugfree.com/
*click on drug facts

Students #1,2,3,4,5 = Marijuana
Students #6,7,8,9 = Tobacco
Students # 10,11,12,13,14 = Alcohol
Students #15,16,17,18 = Methamphetamines
Students #19,20,21,22 = Cocaine
Students #23,24,25,26 = Hallucinogens
Students #27,28,29 = Inhalants
While I'm writing this, it is still summer but I'm already anxious to meet my new Movie Stars! 
I would love to hear from parents and students who find out they will be a part of our class for 2011-2012. 
Are you excited about the new school year? 
Tell me a little about yourself! 

We're going to have a fantastic year!  

Love, Mrs. Markell